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The Bear Family duo (from l. to r.:
Patrick's arm, Charger Bear)

Patrick McDarby

Originally born in Indiana, Patrick spent his formative years in Connecticut before moving to the San Diego area 26 years ago (for those of you who are doing the math...that makes him 21!). He has family in Indiana, as well as Ohio, Florida, and the San Francisco Bay area.

Diana Puha

A native of southern California, Diana has only lived in one other place besides SoCal--the town of Kailua on the island of Oahu. Although she was too young at the time to appreciate the islands, she embraces the idea of living "Hawaiian Style" again some day.

Charger Bear (aka CB)

Brought to life on September 23, 1999, Charger Bear stands almost one foot tall and weighs less than a pound, but he is packed with love and cuteness--plus he's smart. He enjoys traveling, theater, fine dining, reading, and of course, Chargers football!

Charger has three photogenic looks--cute, cuter, and cutest. Take a closer look in our Photo Gallery section.

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Last updated 03/22/06