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The Photo Gallery

Freeze frame moments (some memorable, some just stupid).

Note: Snapshots are not in any kind of order. It's just a collection of fun pictures.

Charger & Hoppy - Jan. 2007

McDarby Family 2006

Dinner at Zoobie's

Scooby & CB

The cousins all hangin' together

Uncle Pat & Pat


Julie & Dad McDarby

Denny, Alice & Dad McDarby

Kent and Lenore

Kent, Lenore and Pat

Maren's birthday celebration

Happy Birthday, Maren!

Lenore, Rex and Boulder

Sorry, Maren! He's not exactly a gigolo!

CB and his buddy, Chris

Mani, Kevin and Marlene

Fivesome at Jimmy Love's

Pat, Denny and Mary

The McDarby clan

Underneath the Golden Gate Bridge

Family picture among the redwoods

Belvedere winery

Dinner at the Prado in Balboa Park

Tivoli's in Laguna Beach

Linda with her mom on the wedding day

The Palmer-La Mattino family

Linda, Joe and Diana

The La Mattinos

The wedding party

It's official.....

Cancun 2001

Tulum you remember this place from the movie, "Against All Odds"?

A visit to Tulum after a tropical storm

Seashore at Tulum

Hardrock Cancun

Ruins of Coba

Chichen Itza

Thousands of pillars

Isla Mujeres

Linda, Diana and Mrs. Olivera

At the wedding

The after effect of a jello shot

Wedding at the vineyards of San Luis Obispo

Wedding afloat in Newport Harbor

Mr. and Mrs. Mannella

Geralyn and Pat

Pat and Diana

Brad, Kevin and Mani

Nelson and Evelyn

Mrs. Hom and Elaine

Dad and Mom and the Wasanos

Pat and Steve

Puffin' on cigars at Chris' birthday

CB and Baby

Wally and Amber

The Hendricks

CB, Pat & Mark (in the background)

CB & Mark

"Beary" Christmas!!

The Newells

The family at Lakeland class of '03 graduation

Pat & Maureen

Father and son bookends

Lunch at Harry's

Colin at his graduation with grandparents

Manny, 3 1/2 months

Gang of five

Celebrating Sean's 37th birthday

... more celebrating

Marc and Dawn at GB

Manny Chaves

Ako...he'll always be my favorite "firecracker puppy"

July 4, 1990 - Dec. 5, 2005

Stud or dud?

The Kotchniks

Dinner at Ole Madrid

Greg & Nicole

Andrea & Al / Kevin & Mani

Drew & Terri

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